AnakCiano, Inc: A company with infinite potentials

by Joe Palabao, Correspondent

THE recently concluded launching of ACI Feeds in Mindanao earmarked AnakCiano, Inc., as a company with infinite potentials.

A company knitted with immediate families and close friends that seeks business growth in communities and economic amelioration for the good of the people and helped the marginalized farmers and ordinary people where their businesses are situated.

A company whose corporate social responsibility is conscious of its moral obligation to the underprivileged and families in assuring bigger income and comfortable lives.

The company’s best known products nationwide are roasted chicken, popularly known as “Ang Lechon Manok ni Sr. Pedro” and dressed chicken under the brand name of “Manok Pinoy.”

“Fido Prito” the flagship of the deep fried chicken is now being marketed in Cebu and Manila.

The historic launching and unveiling of ACI Feeds new line product line of poultry and hot feeds made a historic day for AnakCiano, Inc., and maintained its stance as a company with infinite potentials.

It is planned that in the near future they will be launching their own meat shops under the brand name of “Romana’s.”

At a Glance – From a modest beginning in 1993, Peter Unabia, ACI’s founding chairman, stormed the roasted chicken businesses started by one of the brothers, Nieto, in Malaybalay, Bukidnon. Nieto, first came up with formula for the marinade that made “Ang Lechon Manok ni Sr. Pedro” a popular fare for many Filipinos.

From a handful of branches, ACI management and business partners judiciously opened up more outlets in Visayas and Mindanao.

In mid 2000, seeing the potential of the Luzon market, Peter, the younger brother and who has the business acumen, together with the nephew Joemar, decided to open up branches in Manila. This year 2011, it has more than 300 branches scattered all over the Philippines, from Aparri in Luzon to Ampayon in Mindanao.

AnakCiano, Inc. is a backward integrator. It first started their lechon manok by outsourcing dressed chickens. During certain months, especially the busiest months of December, supply of chickens is scarce and not readily available. This encouraged ACI to venture out and engaged into broiler production.

ACI also began to mix part of their feeds requirements using their own formula. In August 2010 AnakCiano inaugurated the General Milling Feed Mill, a 12-tonne per hour feed mill leased by the company.

In 2010, ACI had a total of 15 million birds, of which two (2) million were raised in company owned commercial farms.

The remaining birds are grown by 60 commercial farmers with average capacity of 40,000 birds and another 4,000 backyard farmers with an average capacity of 500 birds under the auspices of ACI’s foundation arm, the Anak Tering Foundation, Inc. In 2011, ACI will be increasing its production to 20 million birds. Most of the farms are located in the provinces of Bukidnon and Misamis Oriental.

In 2010, ACI started its Luzon Poultry Operation located in the provinces of Tarlac and Pampanga. Also last year, ACI has engaged into breeder farm and hatchery to supply part of their old (DOC) needs. ACI now employs more than one thousand workers-300 for its roasted chicken venture and a little over 700 in broiler production, dressing plant and feed mill operations.

Through innovative approaches, ACI has now over 300 branches nationwide. Most branches are operated under a joint venture arrangement between ACI and a relative or a close friend. A 60/40 profit sharing arrangement is agreed in favor of the partner.

It produces and buys day old chick from their growers, medicines, vaccines and vitamins. It formulates and mixes its own feeds and at the same time dresses its chickens. It produces its ice requirements, blasts freeze its dressed chickens and store them in its own cold storage facilities.

ACI people philosophy is based on the belief that learning is a continuing process. I, therefore, trains and retains its workforce to help achieve product excellence.

In the future, ACI intends to expand its market by opening the roasted chicken business to other parties. At present, branch operation is only open to relatives and few friends. It can double its sales to 30 million dressed chicken in three to five years.

ACI will study “franchising” as well as selling in the domestic and other unsophisticated export markets “Frozen Roasted Chicken.” With in the year, ACI will launch its meat shops under the brand name “Romanas.” Expand distribution of commercial feeds all over the country and include cock fighting feeds in the product mix.

ACI will restructure and revitalize “Fido Prito.” At the very least, ACI will put up its own feed mill, set up corn and soy bean storage facilities (silos). Most importantly, ACI will upgrade its dressing plant complex to “Triple A” and secure a “Halal” Certification for its entire operation. And lastly, ACI will go GLOBAL.

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