NANURI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Students Rank 2nd in MTAP Math Challenge

TThe 2011 inter-school Math Olympics proved to be the most-awaited, most challenging and highly-fulfilling academic event of the year for the Math teachers and Math wizards of Nanuri International School (NIS).

Mary Wi and Helen Lee, junior Korean students,garnered the second place inthe recent Metrobank- sponsored Math Teachers’ Association of the Philippines (MTAP) Math Challengeheld on February 11, 2011in City Central School. They were among the twenty (20) pairs of math contestants in the division level who came from the public and private secondary schools in Cagayan de Oro City.

The sophomore competitors, Juan Miguel Salvaña and Jan FrederickNeri, who ranked 15thin the district level, upgraded to rank 13 in the Division elimination. Among the Nanuricontestants, Carlos Roy Perez and Woo Joo Park (Mark), Grade V pupils, made a great leap from rank 15 in the District level to rank 4 in the Division level.

The first level of the competition, the district elimination, was held on January 14, 2011 in South City Central School, Nazareth and in many other venues in the city where the same competition was simultaneously conducted. NIS Grade lll pupils, Faith Calo, Justin Russ Lomagsao, and Kaye Perez, together with the 5th graders, Khem John Marban, Park Woo Joo and Carlos Roy Perez took the opportunity and the challenge in sharpening their mathematical skills. Almost all elementary and secondary public and private schools in Cagayan de Oro City sent their representatives in the said math Olympics.

The division elimination was entitled “METROBANK – MTAP DEPED DIVISION ORAL TEAM FINALS, 2011. According to the NIS contestants, the venue was good and comfortable. They were excited and nervous when they saw the many other smart-looking math contestants, the students, the group of coaches, teachers and parents who were also very anxious and excited.

As a preliminary to the contest proper, the participants were asked to write basic information such as their names, the school they represented, and the table number assigned to them. They were also given blank sheets of paper on which they could write the solutions to the given math problems. The rules and mechanics of the contest were also announced. There were three (3) rounds: the easy, average and the difficult rounds. In the easy round, ten (10) questions worth two points each shouldbe answered within 15 seconds only. In the average round, five (5) questions with three(3) points each were given and the time limit was 30 seconds. There were five (5) questions in the difficult round equivalent to five ( 5 pts.) each and every question had to be solved within one (1) minute. There were also tie-breaking questions for the easy, average and difficult rounds with the corresponding 2, 3 and 5 points each. There wasa single “do or die” question with no time limit; the contender who was able to give the correct answer first would be the winner.

Nanurians,Mary Wi and Helen Lee, were awarded a Metrobank – MTAP – DepEd silver medals .The NIS school director, Pastor Choi Young Yun, the school principal, Dr. Juliet E. Fancubit and the whole Nanurifamily arehighly pleased and grateful for the very satisfactory performance ofour contestants.

The Math wizards were trained by Ms.Maria Carmen Paler, high school coach and Ms. VelbethRivero, the elementary coach of NIS.

Nanuri International School is working for the upgrading and advancement of the school’sacademic standard and performance to proveand maintain its status as the first and only officially accredited member of the East Asia Regional Council of Overseas Schools (EARCOS). NIS looks forward to more improvements and higher achievements in the academic field as well as in other equally important areas like the physical, social, emotional, psychological and most especially the spiritual aspects of the learners.


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