MisOr health providers extend assistance to Sendong victims

MISAMIS Oriental Governor Oscar S. Moreno lauded doctors, nurses,
and staff from the seven provincial hospitals in the province who assisted in the ‘Tabang Medico’ for Sendong victims.

He sent the medical team to the various evacuation centers in Cagayan de Oro to provide medical help especially to the flood survivors.

Tabang Medico is a regular medical mission of the provincial government conducted monthly in the different towns of the Misamis Oriental.

Further, Gov. Moreno considers, “The ship of a dynamic society is propelled by robustly healthy and able constituents and will lose the way in the ocean of infirmities if manned by a sick crew.”

Hence, the creation of Tabang Medico program for the 23 towns and two component cities of the province, which targets the health and general well-being of its human resources directed to a progressive community.

Further, it practically brings the medical/health services of the province to the grassroots level and to the doorways of the people, with a focused intervention for the indigents and less privileged constituents as it boasts of its distinct province-wide secondary health care parallel referral system that, to date, has operated on 1,425 patients cataract operation, hemiorrhapy, hydrocelectomy, orchidectomy, cheilosplasty, myoma, thyroidectomy, hydrocephalus, cholelithomy, breast cancer, among others.

Meanwhile, Gov. Moreno recently deployed Capitol’s heavy equipment to Brgy. 40 to help in the land preparation of the relocation site developed by the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro for the Sendong survivors. (pia-10)

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