DA to task exporters to invest in infras abroad

THE Department of Agriculture may require exporters of farm produce to invest in infrastructure abroad before they are allowed to do business overseas.

In the case of banana growers and exporters planning to tap the US market, Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala said they should first build ripening facilities or warehouses where the produce is expected to land.

“Banana exportation does not end with shipment,” the Agriculture chief noted. “After shipment, it has to be placed in a ripening room in a controlled temperature…

“If you do not have a ripening room, it would be useless to export,” he added.

Dole Philippines will be the first to ship 3,000 metric tons of Cavendish bananas to the US by the end of the year. Dole has the proper facilities for handling bananas post-transport, Alcala said.

Exporters are wooing the US market, particularly its military commissaries, after China imposed stricter sanitary and phytosanitary measures on Philippine bananas.

Alcala said the US market would be bigger than the Chinese market.
The department is also working on expanding the market to Japan and Korea and Middle East countries.


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