Application for local absentee voting now accepted

By Jasper Marie Oblina-Rucat

CAGAYAN de Oro City – The Commission on Elections Region 10 (Comelec-10) is now accepting applications from government officials and members, AFP and PNP for local absentee voting not later than March 15; and members of media not beyond March 31.

In Resolution No. 9637, early voting for members of the mass media in the May 2013 is allowed, as they may not be able to vote on election day due to news coverage and reporting of the conduct of elections.

Acting COMELEC Regional Director Noli R. Pipo said, government officials and employees, including the AFP and the PNP are allowed to vote for national positions in places where they are not registered, but where they are temporarily assigned to perform election duties, as provided under Executive Order No. 157 and Republic Act No. 7166.

As such, they can submit their applications to their heads of offices, supervisors and commanders.

Meanwhile the media can submit to either the office of the Provincial Election Supervisor (OPES) where they are registered as a voters, or the Office of the City Election Officer (OCEO), in case of highly-urbanized or independent cities, such as Iligan and Cagayan de Oro City.

Local absentee voters shall vote any day from April 28, 29, and 30 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. under the direct supervision and presence of the municipal, city, district EO or his representative; or the PES or his representative.

On the other hand, voting of government officials and employees, the AFP and PNP, head of office/supervisor/commander shall not be later than April 15 provided there is a written notice upon the municipal/city/district EO.

Further, media voters shall vote in the Comelec office where they filed their applications to avail the local absentee voting. Specifically, local absentee voters shall vote not earlier than 15 days before the elections nor later than 12 days before the elections.

According to Atty. Pipo, the May 13 synchronized national, local and ARMM regional elections, absentee voters can only vote for the positions of senators and Party-List representative. (JMOR-PIA10/asf)

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