Inventory of Net café in Oro sought

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CAGAYAN de Oro City––The newly activated Regulatory and Complaint Board (RCB) for movie houses and entertainment houses would conduct an inventory of all internet cafes here, City Councilor Adrian Barba said on Monday.

Barba said that his committee, the Committee on Education of the city council, made the recommendation in response to complaints that some internet cafes here had been operating illegally.

He said that some parents wrote a letter complaining that these internet cafes, particularly the “peasants,” have been operating without business permits.

“Peasants” are improvised internets where a user simply drops a P1.00

coin to operate the computer with access to online or internet connections.

The barber said that most peasants cater to minors, which had been the subject of complaints by parents since their children might have access to for adults only and other online sites that might corrupt the minds of the minors.

According to Barba, the objective of the inventory is to get an exact number of internet and pesonets and their locations that are operating here.

“The idea is to make sure that these internet cafes and pesonets are duly licensed and that it adopts necessary measures that protect the exposure of minors to immoral internet sites,” Barba added.

He said the inventory would be taken by the RCB in cooperation with the Department of Education (DepEd) in order to determine whether these internet cafes are operating outside the 200 meter limit radius from schools.

The barber said that the city council’s Committee on Education, the RCB, and DepEd are enjoining the cooperation of the barangay officials in order that the inventory would succeed.

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