Livelihood, zero waste to compliment each other in Dagupan

DAGUPAN CITY – Mayor Belen Fernandez believes that livelihood and zero waste, which the city government has been seriously pushing to help solve the acute garbage problem of Dagupan, can go together and in fact compliment with each other.

Fernandez cited the case of her family-owned CSI, the City Mall which used to have problems in disposing left-over food from its restaurants and over-ripe fruits as well as vegetable shredding from its supermarket.

In no time, she said, the company solved the problem of disposing the food scraps, rotting fruits and vegetables when it asked six of its employees to raise at least two pigs each in their backyards.

After few weeks of feeding, and with the food scraps from the mall, the pigs grew fatter and when sold, these gave the employees’ families extra money to compliment their income.

Thus, she ordered the Acting City Welfare Office Leah Aquino and Waste Management chief Ronald de Guzman to help each other draw up a citywide program that will combine livelihood and the campaign to bring about zero waste.

Under the program, wastes coming from the public market such as rotten fruits and vegetables will be collected by the Waste Management Division everyday to be used as livestock feeds.

Aquino identified at least six indigent families from barangays Malued, Pugaro and Lucao as initial recipients of financial assistance from the local government for them to start livestock project such as duck-raising and hog-raising

At the same time, Fernandez also announced that the city’s first Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in Barangay Bonuan Boquig near the city’s dump site is now almost ready.

The city government already acquired some of the needed equipment that will be used in processing residual wastes so that these can be turned into compost materials and used as organic fertilizer.

These include Rotary Composting Drums where the processed wastes are placed and mixed to be composted for days before they can turn into organic fertilizer which can be applied in home gardens and farms.

Mayor Fernandez also reiterated her call on households for them to adopt segregation of wastes at home so that the recyclable materials can be recovered and sold as junks or exchanged into few kilos of rice.

Under the program of the city called “Wrappers to Pavers,” residents and students are encouraged to collect plastic wrappers which can be shredded and mixed with cement that could be made into blocks or pavers for distribution to public schools that are needing pathways and flooring materials. (PNA)

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