Technology adoption in hospitality business

pedTraversing the Tourism Hi-way

By Ped T. Quiamjot

CUSTOMERS in today’s fast paced environment rely on the Internet as their primary source of information and expect hotels, restaurants, airlines and other leisure activities to have a robust online presence. Revenues are generated through online credit card payments or automatic cash transfers through bank debit accounts and other banking products in the computer systems.

The world has seen cutting edge technology since Mr. Bill Gates launched his Microsoft software to power business. Hotel bookings are done online making every mouse click a revenue generating and expense options. Technology has improved various operations from security surveillance to cost cutting options as less manpower utilization would still cover wide areas through the installations of CCTVs. Seamless integration of data’s can generate various figures to analyze cost and real time reports on stock inventories.

Hotels worldwide are catching with banking technologies in monitoring the financial systems and the economy. Hospitality groups now have built data bank on customer’s profile and demographics to determine guest’s preference for cuisines, type of accommodation and travel options. Technology improves guest’s satisfaction as food orders maybe done table side and printed in real time at the Kitchen’s server. Cash and bill payments are reflected fast in the ledgers reducing transactional fraud or erroneous billing.

German technologies have topped the needs of the industry. From Micros Fidelio software it has branched out to convey cooking that makes souses vide food preparation a trend in gastronomy. Lighting and illuminating function halls have also made energy savings a reality in the hotel business with the use and installations of LED.

Hotel Managers and entrepreneurs manage online capabilities of hospitality business from instructions in one place but made accessible everywhere through emails faster with detailed system generated accuracy.

Now we heard of Agoda or Booking.Com as reliable partners in travel. We review guests’ satisfaction programs or feedback from Trip Advisory which help hoteliers improve operation by addressing complaints if there is any? The world links the industry from the consumers to the operators and to the public. Have you heard of how bad the front liners customer’s relations etiquette of a new property in the City? Technology brings feedback mechanism to the core and management attention in improving operations through good training and other service excellence or quality circles. But unless a hotel is run by clowns or a management clique, you can kiss your technology goodbye.

Luxury sometimes brings comedy in life but what matters most is the equity and borrowed funds sunk by the investors?

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