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By Klaus Doring

I am back just back from a short stay in Manila where I got the great opportunity having an almost two-hours-talk with now German Embassy Manila Deputy Head of Mission and Counselor, Mr. Michael Hasper.

While waiting for boarding on my flight back to Davao City, I came across a lot of news regarding “up, up and away”! As a frequent flyer from Europe to the Philippines and vice versus starting already during the early 1980s, nowadays I miss nonstop-flights to Europe starting in the Philippines. We all know the reasons… .

Good to know, that, after almost 16 years, Philippine Airlines (PAL) may now resume its Manila-Paris flight following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the aeronautical authorities of the Philippines and France. The MOU, signed on January 15, 2014 at the French Civil Aviation Authority in Paris, updated the Air Service Agreement signed in 1968 (!) and allows PAL up to seven flights a week from Manila to Paris.

Great. It’s easy to avail a connecting flight from Paris to my home country Germany!

KLM, by the way, is currently the only airline that provides direct flights from Manila to Europe via Amsterdam. It’s just a matter of price!
Another good news: PAL is also negotiating with Japan’s All Nippon Airways for a code-share agreement, as talks for the latter to invest in PAL had been shelved for now. A code-share deal, which is widely utilized in he aviation industry, is a commercial arrangement that allows passengers to book tickets with one airline but the flight is served by a cooperating carrier.

PAL (“Plane Always Late”?), which is in the midst of a $9.5 billion refleeting strategy has been working on strengthening its regional presence as its competitors continue to consolidate.

My favorite carrier till now: Cebu Pacific. Amazing: both arrivals in Manila and Davao have been 30 up to 45 minutes before schedule!

Another amazing fact: A Russian cargo plane has been parked at the Davao International Airport for the past six months with no word from its owner on whether or not they are still interested in getting it back. The plane landed on July 26, 2013 apparently because of an emergency. So, what we gonna do with the plane?

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