APEC is a useless organization



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Teach me, LORD, the way of your decrees, that I may follow it to the end. Give me understanding, so that I may keep your law and obey it with all my heart…” (Psalm 119:33-34, the Holy Bible).
ONE MORE PRAYER FOR APEC 2015: The other day, I wrote in this column that all of us should pray for a safe Asia Pacific Economic Conference (APEC) 2015, so threats of violence aired in social networking sites will not happen. Today, I will ask again for prayers for APEC 2015, for another, but more important, reason.
I believe that we should all pray that the heads of countries who will come and participate in the conference will be guided by God towards pushing not only their own economic, social, and political agendas, but more towards turning around their respective constituents so everybody could become more God-fearing and God-loving.
Undeniably, APEC had been here for as long as many will care to remember. The reality, however, is that, it has proven itself to be nothing more than a mere social organization, unable to truly and concretely advance the causes of world peace, unity, and prosperity. Until now, in fact, many APEC members are plagued by poor constituents, and by senseless violence and discord.
APEC IS A USELESS ORGANIZATION: Indeed, APEC is a useless organization, if we talk about its inability to promote a better life at least for the citizens of its member-countries. The money and resources that have been devoted through the years in staging it, in one member-country after another, could have been put to better use among ordinary men and women and children who have no food to eat and water to drink.
APEC has even become one big joke among many perceptive journalists, who have started defining APEC, using its own initials, as “A Perfect Excuse to Chat”. Undeniably, that is all that APEC member-countries appear capable of doing—to chat and chat, tirelessly it seems, without being able to do anything of substance.
So, what can APEC try to do to make it more relevant at this point in time that poverty, wars, and strife are afflicting many parts of the world? Perhaps, it can try something different for its 2015 event: regardless of religion or spiritual affiliation, its member-countries can start mobilizing their resources towards making their citizens more God-fearing and God-loving or, at least, more spiritually-grounded.
APEC MUST DIRECT ITS CITIZENS TOWARDS SPIRITUALITY: For countries which adhere to the Christian faith, I propose that there must be a serious effort to teach their citizens the value of reading, studying, and then obeying, the Christian Bible, irrespective of their religion.
I am sure that if Christian countries will do this, there is going to be a spiritual renewal among their people which will make them more God-fearing and God-loving, and more loving and concerned about their fellowmen, which actually are the two most basic Christian doctrines.
On the other hand, for countries which belong to other religious or spiritual affiliations, they could likewise mobilize their adherents towards being more truthfully guided by their own norms of spirituality, or by some other doctrinal teachings which, I am sure, likewise center on a high regard for a Superior Being who created them (whatever the Being maybe called by them), and by a healthy respect for the rights of others.
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