Aquabest participates 2011 World Bazaar Festival

World Bazaar Festival ranks as one of the prime Christmas shopping trade

shows in Philippines. Organized at Manila, the event boasts of more than 180,000 visiting participants, looking for stylish, trendy and attractive gift items for their loved ones. The show is successful in creating a joyous and festive ambiance for all those attending the event and more than 500 exhibition booths are set up during this fair.

Aquabest will be setting up a booth at the Bazaar where it would give away premium items like tumbles, umbrellas, and shirts. The company would also give away samples of structured water. Structured water was introduced early this year by the company as part of its Shift Happens campaign.

Structured water is the company’s effort to bring the water back to life and restore its original properties. The company achieves this feat using advanced technology called Grander technology developed from Austria and exclusively licensed in the country to the company. Being more efficient than ordinary water in hydrating the body, structured water is perfect for people looking for quick hydration on the go. With structured water, people will experience the future of water perfected by nature, delivered by technology.

World Bazaar is the largest and grandest Christmas Bazaar in the country and will run from December 2 to 18 at the World Trade Center. See you there!


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