Betachek launches effort to reduce cost of blood glucose test strips for people with diabetes

NATIONAL Diagnostic Products, the Australian manufacturer of BETACHEK blood glucose testing products, recently launched an effort to help diabetes patients afford to regularly test their glucose levels.

One out of every five Filipinos could potentially have diabetes mellitus or prediabetes. Organisations like Diabetes Philippines have been working hard to put in place practice guidelines for physicians managing patients with diabetes.

An important tool for self managing diabetes is blood glucose testing, yet most people cannot afford to regularly test due the high cost of test strips.

Betachek has launched a new online store and phone ordering 0925 888 2382 which offers a range of glucose testing systems from as little as PHP600 per 50 tests. This compares to an average market price of PHP1400.

“Many people struggle to manage their diabetes due to the cost of testing supplies. We have reviewed the current situation and believe we have a solution in the form of a direct to customer sales model, that will significantly reduce the cost of diabetes test strips. Good control of glucose levels requires regular testing,” a spokesman for the company said.

An estimated six million Filipinos know they have diabetes, with another six million Filipinos have diabetes but do not know they have it. People who take insulin to treat their diabetes are advised to test their blood glucose levels between two and six times per day to determine when they need to take insulin. People on oral medications should also regularly test their blood glucose levels as this provides insight into the effects of their lifestyle on their diabetes and is crucial to prevent some of the long term complications associated with diabetes.

You should regularly monitor your blood glucose as this can alert you to a possible need for a change in how your diabetes is being managed.

Maintaining good blood glucose control is your best defense to reduce the chances of developing complications from diabetes.

Unfortunately due to cost constraints, testing is being discouraged and limited for many people.

For further information, call Aileen on 0925 888 2382 (BETA) or email [email protected]


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