Broiler, Swine Situation Report released

Broiler, Swine Situation Report released

Cagayan de Oro City – To equip stakeholders with adequate knowledge on the broiler and swine industries, the Livestock Sector Division (LSD) of the Department of Agriculture – Regional Field Office 10 (DA-10) hosted a Broiler and Swine Information and Early Warning System (BSI-EWS) Consultative Meeting with the Private Agribusiness (PAB) Sector on October 23, 2012, held at PhilTown Hotel, in this city.

During the assembly, the BSI-EWS Regional Project Team has presented a situation report for the broiler and swine industries alike. On one hand, the broiler situation report consists of data such as inventory by chicken type, by province, volume of production, volume of dressed chicken, inventory in cold storages, commodity flow and retail prices. On the other hand, the swine situation report covers data like inventory by farm type, age classification, volume of production, inventory of frozen pork, commodity flow, and monthly average farmgate and retail prices.

Mr. Rosalio M. Lorono, Supervising Agriculturist of LSD, DA-10, explained that there is a need to conduct a consultative meeting with the members from the PAB sector as the generated reports will serve as a forecasting tool to predict trends affecting the said industries.

These, he added, can capably project estimates in terms of demand in the future, allowing broiler and swine breeders and integrators to deliver just the right quantity of products over a period of time, thereby avoiding the waste of investments.

Situation reports have shown that Northern Mindanao is a key player in the broiler and swine industries, considering the notable supply that the region sends to other parts throughout the country.

An overall of 6,052 metric tons of dressed chicken was shipped from the region to other areas, allocating Manila with a big share of 54%. Retail price of dressed chicken during the first semester of 2012 was higher compared to the same period in 2011, posting the highest price in March at P 121.59 and the lowest in January at P 119.15.

Of the total 6,052 metric tons distribution of dressed chicken, 54% was shipped out to Manila, followed by Cebu (27%), Ormoc (7%), Bohol (7%) and the remaining 1% to other provinces.

Reports have further revealed that the farmgate price of hog from January-June 2012 recorded highest in April and lowest in February, marking an average of P 85.38 and P 84.41, respectively. In the similar period, average monthly retail price was noted highest in February and lowest in April, having an average of P 173.45 and P 170.95, respectively.

Likewise, the outflow of lechon during the first semester of the current year increased by 49.84% from 4,912 kilograms (kgs) to 7,360 kgs. Out from the entire hog outflow from Northern Mindanao, Cebu ranked the highest with 42.83%, followed by Manila with 31.74%.

Acknowledging the abovementioned project as a crucial undertaking for the broiler and swine industries, Judith Ocang from the Hypig Genetic, Inc. expressed that similar previous reports have helped them in the demand forecast, resulting to an adjustment in their respective production supply.

Nevertheless, the BSI-EWS Project Team urged the stakeholders to fully cooperate through the provision of sufficient information on the inventory of stocks and other pertinent details in order to have a more thorough output, yielding an accurate outlook for both the broiler and swine industries.

The BSI-EWS Project Team comprises the DA-10, the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics, the National Meat Inspection Service in collaboration with the local government units.
(Joanne L. Olson, DA-10)


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