Capture the cool and Eco Life with Panasonic

AS part of the company’s effort to promote environmental initiatives, the Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines Corporation (PMPC) is resolute to continuously contribute in the enrichment of people’s lives and creation of a sustainable society through their environment-friendly appliances.

Panasonic companies all over the world operate along with the unchanging management objective established by the founder Konosuke Matsushita, which stipulates that “the company is expected to fulfill its responsibility as a public entity of society.”

“As a manufacturing company, our commitment to integrate our environmental contribution and business growth is part of our reasons for existence,” Mr. Miguel Castro, Director for Manufacturing of PMPC said.

PMPC, a manufacturer, importer and distributor of electronic, electrical, mechanical, electro-mechanical appliances, other types of machines, parts and components, battery and related products bearing the brand name “Panasonic”, has been promoting environment-friendly appliances noting the increasing number of activities and programs being carried out by both private and public organizations for purpose of promoting awareness on the threat of climate change.

“Likewise, the consumer-directed efforts by many companies launching environment-friendly products as part of their promotions and corporate social responsibilities are gaining grounds,” Castro added.

The company also expressed interest in taking the lead on manufacturing products that protect the environment.

“Panasonic wants to take the lead in inspiring innovation to provide green lifestyles and green business-styles for people around the world,” Castro said citing that on January 8, 2010, Panasonic Corporation (Japan) President Fumio Ohtsubo put forth a clear statement of Panasonic´s new vision: To become the No. 1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry by 2018, when Panasonic will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding. To realize this vision, Panasonic will make the “environment” central to all its business activities and strive to integrate environmental contribution with business growth.

“Our company believes that the more our business grows, the larger the contributions Panasonic can accomplish in improving the global environment,” Castro stressed.

Castro also believes that “the Filipinos’ great capacity to adjust and adapt to circumstances would inspire them not only to strive for and appreciate excellence but also desire for excellent and environment-friendly appliances.”
As part of the global eco-system, he reiterated that consumers, should buy environment-friendly products to contribute in eliminating harmful gases, which contributes in the increase of the global temperature and pollute the environment resulting in diseases in human beings.

Panasonic’s business vision for “environment & energy solutions is to “create space where people around the world can live comfortably, while reducing the impact on the environment.

Thus, Panasonic products address both eco-friendly and energy efficient concerns as Panasonic takes the lead in the company’s revolution beginning with their lifestyles.

Panasonic also offers a wide range of products, and the company continues to seek partnerships even with competitors to come up with excellent products, including efforts to manufacture environment-friendly items.

In fact, the company clearly stated in its Code of Conduct that “We will respect free and fair competition, and abide by all applicable antitrust (competition law) and other laws and regulations.”

“Through tie-ups and collaborations, we could develop other business activities in harmony with the global environment,” he added.

Aside from air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines, other Panasonic products that are considered environment-friendly are: digital cameras, Plasma TVs, LCD TVs, DVD Home Cinema/Theater Sound Systems, batteries, electric fans, and the like.

“There is actually an increasing number of Panasonic products included in the “List of Certified Super Green Products (GPs). Panasonic Group evaluates its products based on a uniquely set criteria that determines the impact level of a product on the environment, and certifies “Super GP” to products in particular that have made dramatic progress in environmental performance and create a new trend for actualization of a sustainable society,” Castro explained.


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