BY: JESSE BACON II THE concept behind the Internal Revenue Allotment or IRA is to plow back substantial portion of the revenue raised by the national government from every locality in the country to help accelerate the economic development of the locality where such revenue was levied. Those localities with vibrant economies expectedly receive much […]

The fourth Sona

BY: JESSE BACON II Until now, I am still very thankful that we have a President who is not embroiled in any corruption charges and as a bachelor does not have a spouse who could have behaved like Imelda during Marcos’ time or Big Mike during Gloria’s watch. In fact, I’d dare say here without […]

Charter needs no fixing

BY: JESSE BACON II WHY fix if it ain’t broke? This is the question raised by the overwhelming majority of the populace over the insignificant minority’s desire to mangle the Constitution by having it amended either through constituent assembly, the process where the Philippine Congress – Senate and House of Representatives – convenes itself as […]

Endless peace talks

BY: JESSE BACON II Everyone lauded when a peace agreement was finally inked by the Philippine government with the secessionist Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF). Everyone’s hope then was for peace to finally reign in troubled Mindanao only to witness the emergence of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) as the newest armed group seeking […]

The mark of good leaders

BY: JESSE BACON II A GROUP of student editors and staff writers of the school organ of one of the universities in Manila asked me during a group discussion with them what the mark of a good leader is. Since they were students and very much involved into campus journalism work, I walked them through […]

Electoral reforms

BY: JESSE BACON II If news reports about the shooting incident involving former Cagayan de Oro City Rep. Jose Benjamin “Benjo” Benaldo Thursday evening last week right that happened right inside his hallowed office in the House of Representatives were to be believed, the incident was meant to call attention to the need for electoral […]

Hero or villain?

BY : JESSE BACON II Even during the height of the Cold War in the 60’s, the American government never pleaded to friendly or not so friendly governments for the voluntary extradition of one of its citizens hailed by many all over the world as a hero but considered by that government as a criminal […]

Mindanao’s resources

BY : JESSE BACON II Mindanao is undeniably endowed with rich natural resources on the surface and mineral resources in its bosom but ironically several provinces in the country’s second biggest island are ranked as one of the poorest in the entire nation. The situation in Mindanao is a good case study on why poverty […]

Filipinos first and foremost

BY : JESSE BACON II Mohammedanism is a religious belief lived out by a good number of our southern Philippines compatriots as their way of life. But being a Muslim does not strip them of their being Filipinos, first and foremost. Sadly, however, peace negotiators representing the Government of the Philippines (GPH) seem not to […]

Capitalist unwritten mantra

BY : JESSE BACON II Leaders in the Philippines and in many countries abroad have finally taken stock of natural calamities particularly flooding plaguing their respective localities but inexplicably not one of them is looking at the problem as caused by greed spawned by the present capitalist order where even nature is not viewed as […]

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