Charter needs no fixing

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WHY fix if it ain’t broke?

This is the question raised by the overwhelming majority of the populace over the insignificant minority’s desire to mangle the Constitution by having it amended either through constituent assembly, the process where the Philippine Congress – Senate and House of Representatives – convenes itself as a body to propose amendments to the Constitution or constitutional convention where delegates are elected representing the congressional districts for the purpose of proposing amendments to the Constitution.

While the overwhelming majority of the populace does not see any need to amend the Constitution, the insignificant minority sees such need. Who comprises this insignificant minority? They are at the moment primarily composed of congressmen fronting for foreign big business capitalists and the local big business capitalists partnering with these giant foreign business capitalists.

In fact, the faces of these local big business capitalists partnering with foreign giant business capitalists like former Finance Secretary Roberto de Ocampo and the other guys in the Makati Business Club immediately waltzed with the proponents of this economic and political misadventure of the congressmen. Cagayan de Oro City’s Rufus Rodriguez and his party-list congressman brother, whose name I could not remember, are trying to carve a name for themselves by joining in this infamy.

The Rodriguez brothers are not content with the proposal of House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. that the amendments be limited to the economic provisions of the Constitution. They want certain political provisions to be amended too. In all likelihood, these political provisions they wanted amended also include the provision limiting term limits. This is the provision that incumbent elective officials want to go away with.

Understandably, congressmen like Rodriguez and his brother would like to stay as congressmen forever. Who would not want? Just consider the current expose at how congressional pork barrel funds euphemistically called as priority development assistance fund had been misappropriated so that kickbacks are lined up in the congressmen’s pockets. Who would not want an average kickback of 50 percent of the congressmen’s individual P70 million annual pork barrel allocation? That’s a cool P35 million kickback annually tax free at that, my dear readers.

There are congressmen who do not only want the rain of “blessings” in the form of kickback to stop pouring. They also want to continue fronting or lawyering for local or foreign big business capitalists for other “blessings” to not stop pouring. This type of congressmen is the one aching to amend the economic provisions of the Constitution limiting the involvement of their principal masters in certain business undertakings in our country.

There are other economic provisions in the Constitution also that limit or even prohibit real estate ownership by foreign business capitalists in this country. The fronts and lawyers of these foreign big business capitalists masquerading as congressmen want to get rid with these provisions also for they do not favor their masters.

They can’t afford not to please their big foreign business capitalist masters hence their inconceivable treasonous act of selling the country to them whose hands feed their insatiable greed for power, fame and wealth.

In effect, the proposed amendments to the economic provisions of the Constitution will give big foreign business capitalists equal rights with natural born Filipino citizens in regard land ownership, exploitation of our natural and mineral resources, ownership of business enterprises such as media and academic institutions, among others.

If human behavior generally resents any move by biological fathers at equally distributing his wealth and assets to both his legitimate and illegitimate children, why are our leaders, congressmen, economic and financial technocrats in government are pushing for an equal rights in enjoying God’s bounty intended for citizens of this country to non-citizens of this country? Why are they doing their best to negate this normal human behavior by giving equal rights to foreigners to the detriment of the locals? This is indeed incomprehensible.

Be that as it may, as citizens of this country we ought to expose and oppose moves by congressmen and their counterparts in the Executive branch at mangling the Constitution to suit their personal interests and to promote the interest of big foreign capitalist masters. If selling the country to big foreign big business capitalists to the detriment of the Filipino people is not treason, I don’t know what else constitutes treason.

Collectively we should not allow these congressmen and technocrats have their way.
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