DAR N. Cotabato promotes eating of brown rice

KIDAPAWAN CITY, North Cotabato – Employees of the Department of Agrarian Reform in North Cotabato should learn eating brown rice, an official of the agency said.

Marion Abella, provincial agrarian reform program officer of DAR – North Cotabato is encouraging employees to consume brown rice in line with the efforts to promote better health and in support of the National Rice Awareness month.

In a recent lunch fellowship with staff, Abella emphasized that brown rice is a healthy substitute to white rice because the whole grain is rich in protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, thiamine, among other nutrients.

As community development workers in agrarian reform areas, DAR employees should be models in this advocacy by practicing this in the family before sharing the same goal with the Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries (ARBs).

“DAR is one in spirit with the Department of Agriculture in creating awareness among Filipinos, especially to our ARBs, to become RICEponsible not only to promote better health among them but also help them improve their income,” Abella said.

Moreover, DAR North Cotabato has organized a lunch fellowship where employees and staff joined the boodle fight as way of showing its support in observing the Brown Rice Day.

Pursuant to Proclamation No. 524 issued on January 5, 2004, November is declares as the National Rice Awareness Month.

This year’s celebration is themed, “We are RICEponsible!” where everyone is encouraged to take part in achieving rice self-sufficiency as well as in promoting responsible rice consumption for better health, less wastage, and productive farming.

Abella also enjoined its DAR municipal offices in North Cotabato to observe the Rice Mix Day on November 21, 2014.

On this date, the public is encouraged to consume rice mixed with other staples such as corn grits which could improve the intake of dietary fiber, potassium, and vitamins A, B6, and C than eating rice alone.

Rice may also be mixed with sweet potato, saba (banana), or adlai. (ROrejudos-DAR N. Cotabato/DEDoguiles-PIA 12)


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