DavNor LGU provides Coco Coir Processing Plant

MANAY, DAVAO ORIENTAL — Recognized as one of the country’s premier coconut producing provinces, the provincial government of Davao Oriental turned over newly Coco Coir Processing Plant in Barangay Holy Cross of this Municipality recently.

The plant is the fruit of initiative of Davao Oriental Coco Husk Social Enterprise Incorporated (DOCHSEI) with the merged assistance from Provincial Government of Davao Oriental, Department of Agriculture (DA), Community Fund Agricultural Development (CFAD), Kalumonan Foundation, Unlad Bayan NGO, LGU-Manay, and Mindanao Rural Development Program-APL 2 (MRDP) through World Bank.

The Coco Coir Production Plant aims to generate employment and expand the income of coconut farmers through utilizing fiber and peat production, and to increase agri-business activities in the province.

Costing to Php 6, 175, 608.00, the plant produces organic frtilizer, coco peat, and coco fiber that may use to produce geotextiles, geo nets, coco twines, erosion control matting, flower pots, hats, bags, wall decorations, door mats and mattress filling.

During the blessing and turn-over ceremony of the plant, EnyaCeloso, representative of DA Regional Director RemelynRecoter, said that the Department of Agriculture is enthusiastic that the project had taken off successfully. She also said that the ceremony of this project will serve as a ‘sign’ of building back a better province after series of calamities as it opened also opportunities for local coconut farmers.

According to Ms. MiguelaEdquila, Deputy RPCO Coordinator, prior problems of flash floods due to congested trash coco husk is now resolved through the functions of the processing plant.

Meanwhile, Consultant on Agri-Special Concerns, Dashiel Indelible, who represented and read Governor Corazon Malanyaon’s message said, that the processing plant is the result of hard work and convergence of the Provincial Government and the people anchored on the goal of intensifying food sufficiency and creating additional income to the people of Davao Oriental.

Maria Angela Villalba of UnladKabayan—the project’s direct beneficiary, conveyed her gratitude to the MRDP and the Provincial Government’s backing efforts for the construction of the processing plant together with the international bodies. She hopes that the beneficiaries will work as one to continue and develop what they have received by taking full responsibility in sustaining this project.

Villalbaalso reminded the community that the challenge on a business like this cannot be found at the beginning, but rather in the process of sustaining it.

More opportunities opened

Plant Manager Belinda May F. Rom guaranteed good performance of her full pledged team.

Logically, the processing plant needs 49 workers: this includes 10 fulltime decorticator, 15 dryers, 10 husk haulers, 10 common laborers, and 4 baling press operators.

The total plant cost covers the completion of decorticating machine, husk conveyor, fiber cleaner, baling press machine, delivery truck, construction of decorticating building, baling press building, retting pool, power supply, welding machines and tools.

Rom is very confident that her team, with the supervision of DOCHSEi’s Board of Trustee will do its best to stabilize the needed resources for the plant operations and success. They are very hopeful that sooner, the plant could expand and generate more workers for the development also of the province & incorpration. (Analyn S. Padullon and Van Jorain O. Rufin DavOr PIO)


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