Dilao Shopping Center transfers Carmen branch to Yacapin

Story and Photo by MARK FRANCISCO

DILAO Shopping Center has decided to transfer its Carmen branch altogether to Yacapin-Quirino.
In an interview, Dilao Shopping Center owner Ethel Quinio said that for the past years, many patrons have requested that the retail shop transfer to a more convenient location where they can park.
This is a definite testament that Dilao Shopping Center has already reached not just the CD market but also the AB one in Cagayan de Oro and neighboring places of Northern Mindanao.
Quinio assured its patrons and the rest of the public who will soon become ardent fans of Dilao Shopping Center that its Yacapin-Quirino branch is more convenient, more spacious, more presentable, brightly colored and presents a better vibe.
Of course, it still retains its wide array of men’s wear, ladies wear, kids wear, general merchandise, shoes, bags, accessories, plastic ware, kitchenwares, blankets, mosquito nets and virtually all kinds of household goods.
Dilao Shopping Center also has a branch in Guillermo St.
Through the decades, they have sold the same line of apparel but Quinio attests that doesn’t mean that fashion inclinations of Cagayanons have not changed.
“We definitely adapt to the times. We import only what is trending in the market that Cagayanons love to wear. And our products are of quality,” she proudly beams.
Don’t just read this article. See for yourself and shop now at Dilao Shopping Center.


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