Game Review: Arcane Legends for Android

arcaneBy Jane Montebon-Duterte

WHAT it is: A MMORPG game by Spacetime Studios which is available on Android and computer devices. You can choose either of the three characters: sorcerer, rogue or warrior and bring with you a companion pet in your adventures.

In a nutshell: Fight hordes of different kinds of monsters and travel across a world known as Arlor. You can join forces with other online players and make your way through the different locations, collecting loots, powerful weapons and pets along the way.

The result: A fun game that will give you hours and hours (and in my case, months) of fun. The graphics are so cool for a mobile game, and the game story is not bad either. No wonder it has been reaping awards left and right.

The verdict: To say I don’t like this game is probably one of the biggest lies I could ever tell. In fact, I asked my husband to buy his own android tablet just so we could go on quests together (he wasn’t an android user before this).

My only problem with this game is, I’m a bit stuck at level 24. I’ve spent weeks on the same spot, and newbie RPG gamer as I am, I’m quite out of tricks. Nonetheless, that doesn’t stop me from recommending this game. If you’ve got a lot of time to waste and you’d like to hack and slash your way through in a mythical world, then this game is perfect. The pets are very cute too.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10 stars.


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