Home cooking for healthy well-being

WITH most people foregoing home-cooked meals for fast-foods
lunches and dinners, it is still any wonder why a lot of people are getting sick and fat?

It is maybe because busy schedules make fast food more appealing than home-cooked meals. But this kind of eating practice takes a significant toll on a person’s overall well-being.

Studies show that fast food meals usually contain high sodium, saturated fat, and calorie content, causing obesity and other health diseases.

As a way to promote the healthy lifestyle, we would like to share with you some of the Del Monte recipes which is easy-to-cook dishes which aren’t only healthy and delicious, but which were perfect for busy men and women.

We feature the Tuna-Piña ala Pobre which it will take only 45 minutes to prepare. You can use Tangigue or other tuna fish of your choice. So tasty and a little bit tangy.

On other side, Callos de Piña menu is good for family gatherings. You can never be felt unappreciated as a cook with those kinds of dishes, which are also very appealing to the kids. I am sure they are going to love your cooking even more with this kind of recipes. Do try it today!

Those who want to eat healthy need only to look back to their kitchen, and begin cooking their own meals using nutrient-rich ingredients of Del Monte such as pineapple and tomato sauce.

Lycopene is a natural substance in tomatoes that may reduce the risks of heart attack and certain cancers. Phytochemicals-are substances that are naturally found in fruits, 100% fruit juices, and vegetables. Substance may help reduce the risks of certain cancers. So get your daily dose of phytochemicals by eating lots of fruit, fruit juices and vegetables.
We would like also to share some cooking tips.


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