Housewife crowned culinary champion

MARKET CITY, the cleanest market in the country together with Del Monte
, the world renowned food company, along with its viable products, debuts a cooking contest at Market City (Agora), Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro City last October – December of 2011.

Cooks, chefs, and amateurs clash in creating the best of the best’s dish at the “Kalami sa Lutong Del Monte” cooking contest. The main objective of the competition is to use Del Monte Products to make the dish perfectly tasty!

The culinary battle is being participated by special representatives from different Barangays all over Cagayan de Oro and nearby towns. Giving extra challenge to the rest of the contestants is the expertise of each individual participant as they aim to win a Kitchen showcase plus 5 sacks of rice for the winning Baragay.

Among them, one woman stood up, a housewife and a mother of two; Ms. Maggie A. Rabala of Barangay 3, Cagayan de Oro City is crowned champion. Grew up in the City of Iloilo where she was the 6th among 7 children, she learned to cook at the age of 9. At such young age her mother would send her to the market every 4:00 in the morning to do the shopping all by herself and put her in-charge of the kitchen. Her first dish, as far as she could remember was a “Pakbet” which she admits to be very candid, nevertheless she never gave up.

She spent her adolescence and school days as a restaurant assistant as her means of self support to her education and living. A self renowned chef, proven true to its name when she joined the Salad Making Contest at Ororama last 2009 and stood out as a champion. Such victorious moment gave her the push to join the “Kalami sa Lutong Del Monte” cooking contest. Despite the lack of formal culinary education, experience has been her best advantageous asset.

For 12 abundant years, Ms. Maggie has been cooking approximately 20 dishes everyday for her own eatery business at the “Ilonga Eatery” along Dolores-Corrales Streets, Cagayan de Oro City. She made a name already with her must try Bicol Express, Chicken Curry, and Sisig signature dishes to her costumers from various offices and universities. Want the best of “Maggie Rabala & Del Monte” duo? Pick a date and book for a catering service with her!

Up to this point, her best dishes are by far the choice for a festive appetite! Indeed, a plain housewife can be a great talent!


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