How to Appeal to Emotion and Logic in Your Messages

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People prefer to believe they make their important decisions rationally, based on logical reasons and comparisons of options. But in fact, emotion is a powerful motivator behind human action – fear, desire, pleasure, envy. How do effective messages combine emotion and logic to persuade and motivate the audience to action? A logical, persuasive message may confirm the reader’s choice of your product, but emotion is the motivation to action.
A reader may have been thinking for some time about an important decision, such as consulting a financial planner for advice. But when you connect the reader with the sense of security that comes from having his finances in order, it will help him move forward with an appointment. Whatever you’re selling, when you make an emotional impact, you increase the likelihood that your audience will think it’s important to implement this solution now.
Use loaded language in product descriptions that assume the specific emotional content in a product or action. Words such as “delightful,” “simple” or “sleek styling” tap into emotions. As the reader identifies with the feeling, they are more likely to accept the message and to take action based on it.
Use language that refers to basic needs, it brings the subject close to the reader’s own life. Love, security, health, money – these are core concerns that grab people’s attention. What effect does your product have on the things your reader cares about the most? Two other important methods are related to the emotional support people seek from others for their decisions: First, knowing that many other people have already chosen this decision is compelling – this is known as the “bandwagon” effect or social proof. So include testimonials of people like them so that they can get a sense that they are not alone and can expect results from their decision.
Another social message comes from “snob appeal,” connecting with the desire of the target audience to be better than others – more stylish, wealthier, more athletic or smarter than the average person. If you can create a sense of prestige or allure around your product or service, you’ll have more people seeking after it.
Once you’ve reached your audience on an emotional level, it’s time to bring in the logic: help them understand why your product or service is a good choice, a rational choice. While hooking them emotionally is critical, you can’t close the deal until they’re convinced it’s a logical choice as well. Regardless of the message medium – traditional marketing, blogs, social media, articles, or books – remember to appeal to both emotions and logic for a hard-hitting message that gets results.
How do YOU appeal emotionally and logically to your audience?


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