Makeup Review: 3W Clinic Loose Powder

palgantong-3w-clinic-professional-natural-loose-powderBy JANEY MONTEBON-DUTERTE

What it is: A translucent loose powder formerly known as Dodo Palgantong and repackaged into 3W Clinic Natural Make-up Powder. Launched in Korea in 1999, it is said to be wildly popular among Korean ladies, including a host of K-pop stars. It comes in 2 shades: #21 for light skin and #23 for medium complexions.

What it promises: For the low, low price of around Php400 – Php500, here’s what it promises:

A slimming effect. It reflects light which makes your face look slimmer.
Staying power. Holds its own against water and sweat, and is not prone to smudging or staining.
Brightens up the skin with magic-y light-scattering stuff for a bright and blooming look.
Hydrates skin. It maintains moisture and gives you silky skin for hours.

A quick background:

I bought my 3W Powder through an online seller in Instagram (IG account: fabchicshop. FB page — for only Php400 (that’s 400 Philippine pesos or around US$10). In most online shops, they’re selling it for Php500, so I’m quite happy with the deal I got.

Just to give you a little background of my skin type:

I have oily and highly sensitive skin that breaks out easily for all sorts of reasons it could possibly think of (wrong product used, lack of sleep, stress, PMS, etc), so I have tried soooo many products that would work well on my skin. I have long settled on Maybelline Mineral Powder and the Revlon Photoready line as my go-to makeup, and it has been working for me for quite a while. But then I switched to using BB creams (by Etude House) and the Maybelline and Revlon formulas are no longer compatible with it. So I had to search for a new loose powder.

I wasn’t quite sold out at first with the seller’s reviews of the 3W Powder, but after a while, I decided to go ahead and try. The positive feedback in the IG seller’s account was overwhelming, so I figured, why not, right? If it does what it says it does, then it would be the perfect loose powder I’m looking for to complement my BB cream.

The result:

Believe me when I tell you that the result is unbelievable. My skin felt soft and silky (no BS!), and it worked absolutely perfectly in setting my BB cream. I bought my CW Powder last April, and it lasted me for a good couple of months. By the end of June, I was so used to it that I actually began to take it for granted. So I tried switching to Mary Kay loose powder thinking that I have probably exaggerated my reaction when I first started using 3W. Boy, was I wrong. After using Mary Kay, I noticed the huge difference. My skin no longer felt as silky as it did when I was using 3W. So I went back to using it and fell in love all over again.

The verdict:

I looove it. No bias, no bullshit, just plain honest-to-goodness honesty here. Like me, you’ll be wondering why you’ve never heard of it before (short of talking to your 3W powder and asking it “where have you been all my life???”).

I’m not quite so sure about the slimming effect as advertised, but as for the rest — hydration, staying power, brightening effect — it certainly lived up to its promise. The formula was very mild and non-comedogenic that it didn’t cause me any breakouts at all. The coverage is light, so it’s not going to work on its own. But on top of your foundation or BB cream? Absolutely fantastic.

Repeatability: Yes, I’d definitely buy it again and again. And again.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10. An almost perfect score for a price you just can’t believe. Amazing, right?


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