Ozamiz City is ‘sanggab-free,’ says Parojinog


OZAMIZ City–Mayor Reynaldo “Aldong” O. Parojinog Sr. yesterday said the city is now free from filter mesh net, locally known as sanggab.
Parojinog said this after operators from three coastal barangays have voluntarily surrendered their respective filter nets to the local government unit.
He identified the barangays as Pulo, Dimaluna, and Sinosa.
The mayor has given “sanggab” operators until September 8 to remove the illegal structures off the waters of Panguil Bay.
In exchange, Parojinog said the affected operators of sanggab were made to choose what kind of alternative livelihoods that they are going to pursue.
In Ozamiz City, he said the local government immediately gave those operators, who voluntarily surrendered their filter nets, 50 kilos of rice, grocery items, and scholarships.
Parojinog said other affected operators opted to divert into legal fishing where they are provided with fishing boats and fishing nets. Some, he added went into livestock or, poultry raising.
The mayor said “sanggab” style of fishing was prohibited in Panguil Bay to prevent fingerlings from being captured.
Parojinog said “sanggab” fishing is common to coastal areas in the towns Aurora, Kapatagan, Bulig, Bonifacio, Lala, Maranding, Baroy, Tubod, Kolambuga, and the citys of Tangub and Ozamiz.


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