SM CDO commemorates 115th Independence Day

By Christine H. Cabiasa

In celebration of our anniversary as a free country from conquerors, 7, 107 islands of the Philippines had given utmost honor to sung heroes who offered their lives just as this present generation to experience liberty and this country to attain sovereignty.

As noted, every region has its own way of commemorating the Independence Day. Some did it through live presentations portraying how our heroes fought for it; some went to tombs of our heroes; some shown respect to country’s patriotic symbols; some gave thanks and some just even hanged on their necks PHL signatures to address their pride as a Filipino.

Indeed, as much as individuals and groups showed their nationalism, SM City Cagayan de Oro never forgets, not just “never forgets” yet paid tribute to recognize this country’s exemplary latitude of freedom.

With this, SM City in partnership with the regional offices of the Department of Tourism (DoT) and Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE) and Vjandep brought a different touch to PHL’s usual tradition on celebrating the Independence Day.

In hand, they carved out an edible map and flag extending their great indulgence as citizens of this country and their great honor to be one.

The edible map and flag was made out of Camiguin’s pride pastels, hopias, and cheese sticks in which according to Col. Virgilio Jose, Vjandep owner, “one you can’t resist”. Thus, it made their output “the country’s largest edible map and flag”.

3, 770 pieces of pastry delicacies were utilized just to come up with one, large map and flag. For the map, Luzon was made of 581 pieces of hopia, Visayas was made of 110 pieces of muffins and Mindanao was made of 275 pieces of pastel. Plus, 1, 750 pieces of polvorons and 1,000 pieces of cheese sticks as surrounding waters of PHL islands.

According to Col. Jose, Luzon marks the color of blue since as everyone conceive that it is the mainland of the country and that gross and developments are at its stakes; Visayas as red as early conquerors, the Spaniards first came and that our hero Lapu-lapu fought them, thus red symbolizes courage in which the “bisaya” can be highly noticed on; and Mindanao, the white color as it symbolizes the Mindaonons blessed with pure bliss and that different tribes dwells in the islands of Mindanao also.

As the first largest edible map and flag came into reality, we must weigh also the efforts of Vjandep as the initiator and maker of the pastry delicacies that composed the map and flag.

This writer, also from the Island Born of Fire- Camiguin, took pride as Vjandep originally is housed in Camiguin, came into such an art like this. Indeed, Vjandep has flourished their business and has flourished Camiguin’s tourism also. When one will come to the island, they will see to it that they will bring boxes of Vjandep pastels as “pasalubong” to their loved ones. And I’m a proud Camiguinon for it.

Thus, SM City Cagayan de Oro, the DoT and DoLE, and of course Vjandep hope that next year they will have a lot more and new ventures to celebrate our country’s freedom.


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