SSS ‘Alkansiya Program’ gaining success in Davao villages

DAVAO CITY – The Social Security System (SSS) in Davao has surpassed its target units and collection under its “Alkansiya Program” with 17 units installed in this city and a total collection of almost Php1 million.

Apologio Torrefranca, head of the accounts management, said SSS Davao has already installed 17 units of “Alkansiya” in the barangay level with a total collection of Php 856,545, only a few snotches away from the initial target of two units and 500 members.

To date, SSS has covered 5,000 members under the program.

The “Alkansiya Program” which was launched in Barangay Malabog, Paquibato District on Monday, is an SSS program for self-employed, expanded self-employed monthly contributions.

According to Torrefranca, the launching was attended by 200 functionaries and constituents who appreciated the program because they do not have to travel for a day to pay their contribution in the city.

Torrefranca said that under the program, SSS will just present the product and give benefits while the partner functionary or the barangay will finance the “Alkansiya” units.

Torrefranca disclosed that barangay Maa has the most units and barangay Sasa comes in second.

Maa and Sasa are two of the most populated barangays in the city, he added. (PNA)


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