Still hoping to get back to business: Night Café/Night Market vendors file a petition to City Hall

By: Remee Monique O. Espiritu

In the defense of their various types of businesses, the DVSoria Night Café and Night Market Vendors Association filed a petition on July 8, 2013.
According to said petition, the vendors were not formally informed about the suspension of Night Café which happened 6:00pm on July 5, 2013. Right now they hold City Ordinance No. 8920-2003 and 9431-2004 which enabled the establishment of Night Café, an ordinance which they believe shouldn’t have been over-ridden by City Mayor Oscar Moreno’s Executive Order.

The results of the “surprise” suspension of Night Café led to the alleged loss of income and spoiling of food, according to the police blatter report. Surely since they were prevented from selling their goods they weren’t able to get the income they were waiting to get that night, and the food they were planning to sell ended up going bad and put to waste.

They also reported that the team of PNP and RTA officers who held them from putting up their stalls was led by a certain Rico Valerio.

The petition was signed by the president of the association and its vice president, Mr. Socrates Fabela and Leopoldo Feliciano, respectively. In their petition they also requested the immediate re-opening of the DVsoria Night Café and Night Market.

The decision right now lies within the city council on what they should do about the still on-going issue of the Night Café, which is a source of income for the many vendors but at the same time a huge contribution to unimaginable traffic come every Friday and Saturday, before the suspension of such.


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