The easy way to get a car…

WHEN was the happiest day of your life? As we “ENTER THE DRAGON”
, we are approaching a mist of uncertain possibilities.
In this new year of new possibilities, Ororama would like to share a Big part of what it has. We are giving everybody a chance to get his/her dream car effortlessly. Probabilities are Big just by joining the Grandest, most Extravagant, and the Biggest Raffle promo in Northern Mindanao – Ororama’s BIGTIME FORTUNE raffle promo that runs from January 28th to December 22nd of this promising year of the dragon.

With the support of our ever dynamic sponsors Such as NESTLE & UNILEVER, (who for their own brands have established INTEGRITY and STABILITY for YEARS!), we at Ororama are proud to invite you to simply join this chance of a lifetime, a life-changing promotion, to effortlessly acquire your own car for a fair cost of faithful patronage to the Store with a Total Lower Price merchandise! In our quarterly draw, we will be giving away 3, yes three Starex Vans, and a Brand New Toyota Fortuner! Aside from the fact that we will also be giving away Pag-Karenderia Showcase, Pang-Noche Buena Showcase, Two Pang-Kabuhayan Showcases, Php 80,000.00 worth of Gift Certificates, and 40 Sacks of rice!
Here is how you can grab a ticket:

COGON branch:

P500 groceries + P200 sponsors’ product = Obe (1) raffle ticket
P500 store items = One (1) raffle ticket
Plus+ P100 major sponsors’ products = Plus one (1) more raffle ticket

CARMEN & TLP branches:

P300 groceries + P200 sponsors’ product = One (1) raffle ticket
P400 store items = One (1) raffle ticket
Plus + P100 major sponsors’ products = Plus one (1) more raffle ticket

Who knows, weeks from now, you are a million richer that anybody else? You may be able to fulfill your wildest dream of having you own car! Get a fresh start of digging the gold out of your own backyard! This is a chance of a lifetime and an opportunity of limitless possibilities! advertorial


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