‘The September 2015 Agenda’


By Cris Diaz

Today, let us take a respite and skip politics in our discussion. Let us take a closer look of what we, the Homo erectus, normally think and appreciate in our everyday life. With due respect to the student of psychology and sociology, we have no attempt to encroach into the other field of specialization where we are alien and inexperienced.

Nonetheless, we would discuss about practical thoughts, fears, and the apprehensions of an ordinary person. Thus, a discussion about “the September 2015 agenda” is a subject that sounds strange to most of us.

Of course, it sounds strange to us because the majority of us think only about the routine of the everyday life. Aside from our personal concerns, we think and talk only about politics, economy, and the war in and outside our concerns. With the inherent excitement, controversy, and intrigues that go along with these subjects, the temptations of discussing these subjects would certainly preoccupy our daily lives.

Indeed, the mundane affairs often lead us to forget that there are greater issues of important concern. We do not even talk about it.

For instance, in the Philippines, we are preoccupied with the politics of personal destruction. The Filipino legislatures talk about routine issues and legislations – all designed to please the ruling political party. Except for a few legislators, we could not feel or hear the majority talking seriously about the country’s sovereign and security as a country and as a people. We simply shrugged our shoulders when the imminence of foreign aggression is already knocking at our doorsteps. After all, our nation is one of the sickest countries in Asia.

Now, the “September Agenda” is rushing world leaders to an urgent meeting midway in September this year. The United States of America is calling for a meeting of world leaders that includes Pope Francis among others.

The Holy Father has already confirmed attendance. It would also be the first time in the history of the US government that a Pope would address a joint session of the Senate in the US Congress. What is the connection of the “September 2015?”

Candidly, I do not want to talk about it, lest, I would be misconstrued as an alarmist. However, everybody has the right to know. I believed that as residents of planet Earth, should be informed about the “September 2015 Agenda.”

What is the September 2015 agenda all about? My friends, the “September 2015 Agenda” is all about the possible extinction of the human race. A Comet, about 2.5 miles in diameter is heading towards Earth and the countdown of the catastrophic impact might take place in the middle of September.

The National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) has reportedly confirmed about the impact that would take place in Peru, a country in South America. The impact is equivalent to millions of millions of Trinitrotoluene (TNT), enough to trigger Tsunamis and change the world climate overnight. There are fears that the human extinction would begin because the mass of dark clouds that would cover the Earth would last for many years. In other words, the Sun would not be able to penetrate the planet Earth for more than 10 years.

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